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About us

About Me

Yo - my name's Topher Clark and I love two things in life (well three if you count my mom) surfing and barbeque. Well four, actually (my girlfriend Kat reminds me that she is at the top of that list ;) )

I remember the first time I ever bit into some succulent ribs the first time I was in Kansas City (Joes KC my man!) - my love for barbeque was born. Since then, I've traveled all over the country looking for great barbeque flavors from all over. From Carolina Pulled Pork (love that vinegar based pig sauce - if you are ever driving through Statesville, you have to try Carolina Bar-B-Q - the pulled pork is amazing!) to Memphis brisket, to New York Steak (Keens and Peter Luger are my favs - God I love that Peter Luger Steak Sauce - but I can't ever seem to duplicate that recipe!) to David Burke's Primehouse in Chicago (Damn but doesn't the midwest know meat?) my own nearly local Garlic Capital of the World (I LOVE Garlic Chicken - I never miss a Gilroy Garlic Festival)

Not only do I love having barbeque out - i love making my own at home - which is why I started making my own dry rub. I love dry rubs way better than wet rubs - I think that it almost cures the meat a little too - giving it even more flavor. I make mine strong on purpose, so a little goes a long way. 

Peace - Topher

About The Rubs

Our rubs are super-tasty spice blends which will give your food awesome flavor. Simply rub a little on your food, no matter what it is, and get great taste. From beef to chicken to veggies, its all good.


Our rubs are handcrafted in small batches here in Santa Cruz, California. We hand grind and hand mix everything. Our tools are a hand grinder, bowls and whisks.

Typical rubs from the grocery store are full of too much salt, sugar or even MSG. While our rubs do have those, its in complement to the taste. We never let the backup singers take center stage over taste! We never add preservatives, additives or anything you can't pronounce.

Many of our rubs are Paleo friendly - no sugar at all.

Our rubs are also SUPER FLAVORFUL. You know how sometimes you buy rubs and use them and you can barely taste anything other than salt? Ours have more flavor than usual - since we do them in small batches as you order them, they could not be any fresher.

We offer flat rate shipping to the contiguous united states. $5 ships your whole order. Just pick that option at checkout.


Turnaround times:

Most orders ship within a few days. Like I said, we make them to order. 

How much rub do I use?

Depends on how strong you want the flavor to be. Rule of thumb: the longer you leave it on, the stronger the flavor. Since our rubs are pretty strong, we usually put them on right before we cook, and use as little as possible. A little goes a long way.

Where are you guys?

Sunny Santa Cruz, California