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Santorini Greek Herb Rub In Bag

$ 7.49

Handcrafted, small batch, premium dry rub spice blends.

Sprinkle a little of this rub on your salad, chicken or veggies, take a bite and be instantly transported to this rubs namesake, replete with its whitewashed cave houses ringing the cliff, surrounded by the deep blue sea. Perfect for the Mediterranean diet, the gentle, herby flavors go great with chicken, pork or veggies of all kinds. Great as a Greek salad dressing mix too – just mix with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar and bring on the Feta. Opa!

The bag is 30% more than the tin for a measly buck fifty more. Can't beat that deal!

Bags are 3.5oz are resealable to keep your rub fresh.

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